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What You Need to Know About the Differences Between Static, Staged, And Adaptive HVAC Systems

We offer different types of HVAC system through our Onyx line. These systems can be divided into three groups: static systems, staged systems, and adaptive systems. We’ll help you make the best decision for the HVAC unit that’s ideal for your home and family, but we also want you to understand the differences between these three and how they operate to maintain comfort household comfort.

Static System

A static comfort system (Onyx Silver and Bronze) is the most common type of system in homes. Most newer homes have them because they’re affordable to install. The air conditioning, heating, and indoor fan turn on and off as needed. For some homes, they are perfectly adequate systems and get the job done.

Static systems have the basic stop/go function of a gas pedal. When they’re on, they operate at the extreme setting of their range. Like the gas pedal of your car, the HVAC system only goes all the way to the floor or all the way off. It’s not highly efficient or comfortable. For example, think of an air conditioner that’s sized (meaning a proper load calculation was performed) to maintain 75°F in East Tennessee conditions on a 95°F day. Every time the system comes on, it delivers 75°F air regardless of what you really need inside. On a mild day, it will not deliver the most comfortable "feel." The static system will not dehumidify well during clement weather.

During cool weather, the furnace of a static system delivers 10°F heat to maintain 70°F of air indoors, even when the full 10°F degrees isn’t needed.

Staged System

A staged comfort system (Onyx Gold) operates at two levels. Low speed works on mild days, high speed works when needed. The "gas pedal" now has three setting: partially on, full on, or off. A staged system offers increased efficiency and comfort compared to a static system.

Adaptive System

An adaptive comfort system (Onyx Platinum) adjusts and adapts depending on the individual needs of your home. The system senses changes in the outside weather or the number of people in your house. It then dispenses heating and cooling accordingly. The "gas pedal" will now fully modulate and adapt as needed. Like a luxury car accelerator, an adaptive comfort system adjusts as often as necessary and heated or cooled air goes wherever it’s needed

For example, if you’re cooking Thanksgiving dinner or entertaining a large party that adds plenty of heat to the home, the adaptive system will adjust for the amount of heat generated. If you are home alone, reading a book, the system will also make changes for the lower amount of heat. An adaptive HVAC system provides the ultimate comfort and energy savings.

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