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Dual Fuel Systems

Why Choose Dual Fuel?

A dual fuel heating and cooling system is a combination of a heat pump for primary heating and cooling and a furnace (usually natural gas) that provides a second and/or third stage of heating. This type of system is sometimes referred to as a “dual fuel” system or a “hybrid” system. Dual fuel systems are highly recommended because of their efficiency, cost-effectiveness and versatility.

Russell & Abbott offers comprehensive dual fuel services throughout Knoxville, TN and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our professional technicians. 

How Does Dual Fuel Work?

A dual fuel system combines a heat pump and a natural gas furnace. This tandem type of system uses the efficient heat pump to warm your home when the winter weather is mild. The natural gas furnace kicks in when the heat pump can no longer hold the indoor temperature. This change over is usually set between 35 and 40 degrees outside. You cannot run both the heat pump and gas furnace at the same time or it will damage the system.

A dual fuel system is also able to function as a gas furnace without the heat pump. By simply switching to "emergency" heat on your thermostat, you can utilize gas heat no matter what the outdoor temperature is. This feature allows you to utilize the "warm air comfort" of a gas furnace when the fuel costs are low.

Unlike a typical heat pump or gas furnace, a dual fuel system allows you to choose which method of heating you desire. Your choice can change either a gas furnace or a heat pump at your leisure.


Is This the Same Thing as Having a Heat Pump with Auxiliary Heat?

Every home has a distinctive "balance point." The balance point is the temperature where the heat pump can no longer maintain comfort inside the home without some type of additional, or supplemental (auxiliary or emergency) heat.

With a traditional heat pump, the supplemental heat must be calculated to maintain comfort inside a home. A dual fuel system utilizes a gas furnace below the "balance point".

This means that you enjoy the best of both worlds. With the heat pump portion, you enjoy the best heating above the balance point. With the gas furnace portion, you enjoy the best heating below the balance point. You can also change to gas heating any time with the touch of a button on your thermostat.

Dual fuel systems are different than having a heat pump with auxiliary heat. Most of us remember the stacked coil heaters of our grandparents’ generation that used electricity and glowed red to radiate warmth. Heat pumps with auxiliary heat work the same way: electricity super–heats a coil, then a blower distributes warm air to heat your home. Dual fuel systems have the capability of heating with either an electric heat pump or a natural gas furnace, depending upon which one is called for use, so that you have the optimum advantage of two energy sources.

Call Our Team for Dual Fuel System Services

Russell & Abbott is one of the area’s most experienced companies with dual fuel systems. Dual fuel is one of our most recommended products. Call Russell & Abbott today to find out if dual fuel is right for your home.

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