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Heating Services in Knoxville, TN

During the winter months, it’s important to have a reliable heating system. Any heating system needs service from time to time, and choosing an experienced technician for repairs, maintenance, or replacement is key to keeping your home warm and cozy no matter what the weather is like outside. When you call someone from our team of certified technicians, we’ll help you to choose the right system for your home, and we also provide the proper heating services to maintain or repair your system and keep it running in optimal condition.

We're the trusted choice for heater repair, replacement, installation and maintenance in Knoxville, TN. Take a look below to learn more about our Unlimited Warranty! Call us today to schedule heating services in Knoxville, TN and the surrounding area.

How does your Warranty Compare to Ours?

Russell & Abbott provides professional heating services serving Maryville, Knoxville, Alcoa, Blount County, Knox County and Loudon County. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

Which Heating Systems Work Best for Me and My Home?

There are many good heating systems available, and what’s best for your home is a very personal decision. A lot of people go with the traditional furnace because today’s units are much more efficient and safer than those manufactured decades ago. However, some people select a heat pump for the same reasons.  For others, a ductless heating and cooling system may be the best bet.  Some prefer a "hybrid," or dual fuel system. The professionals at Russell & Abbott will offer options, and help you determine the right system for your home––and your budget.

Heating Repair in Knoxville, TN

If your heating system is not performing properly, it is important to have a professional check it out. The longer you wait, the more damaged your system may become. When you work with a professional for heater repair in Knoxville, TN, you will receive expedient, professional service for long–lasting results.

Call for heater repair if your system:

  • Fails to heat
  • Makes abnormal noises
  • Emits unusual odors, especially natural gas odor

When you call on the Russell & Abbott team for heater repairs in Knoxville, TN, you can rest assured knowing that your problem will be solved. Our heating technicians are highly trained and certified to provide the highest level of service to your home. Call our team today to book heating service in Knoxville and the surrounding area.

Learn More About Our Heating Maintenance Plans

Strange noises and reduced heating are problems that could worsen over time as parts become overworked and begin to fail. System checks and heating tune–ups are recommended twice each year: once in the fall to prepare for winter and once in the spring to prepare for summer, when your system works hardest. By joining the Russell & Abbottt Comfort Club, you will receive bi–annual maintenance check–ups and will be given priority status if you should require a service call.  Find out more about Comfort Club by calling Russell & Abbott.

Call on Our Heating Contractors to Install and Service Heating Systems

The experts at Russell & Abbott are trained professionals with decades of experience as heating contractors in Blount and Loudon counties. Call on our team for quality services from trained and certified technicians who take extra precautions to protect your system and keep your home safe.

Ductless Heating

You can get heating in your home without having to install ducts. Ductless heating, which is also called a mini–split system, is often used in places where it is not possible to run additional duct, such as log cabins, older homes or homes on a concrete slab. Some homeowners add mini–splits to supplement traditional ducted systems for "cold spots" in the house, such as a bonus room over a garage, a bedroom or on an enclosed porch.  Small indoor air handlers are mounted in different areas of the house to provide a steady source of whole–home heating which works well in the Tennessee winter.


Furnaces remain the most popular heating systems in the United States, in part because they have a history of providing safe and consistent heating. We install and service gas and electric furnaces so that you can get the prompt, consistent heating of a furnace no matter what fuel sources are available in your home.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps can replace both air conditioning and heating systems, as it can both remove heat from the home and bring heat into the house. Heat pumps are rising in popularity due to their efficiency ratings, as it uses less energy to move heat around from one area to another than other systems use to generate heat.

Dual Fuel

A dual fuel heating and cooling system is a combination of a heat pump for primary heating and cooling and a furnace (usually natural gas) that provides a second and/or third stage of heating. This type of system is sometimes referred to as a "dual fuel" system or a "hybrid" system.  Dual fuel systems are highly recommended because of their efficiency, cost–effectiveness and versatility.

Heating Repair

When you notice trouble with your heating system, act fast. Delaying repair may cause costly damage to your system. Call our certified Knoxville area heating repair professionals  any time that you believe that your home comfort or safety may be at risk.


A new thermostat may actually help to lower your monthly heating bills, especially if you currently rely on an outdated model to control your furnace or heat pump. Consider a new wireless, digital, or smart thermostat to improve your comfort and the efficiency of your heating system.

Zone Control System

A zone control system allows everyone in the home greater control over the heating and cooling system with separate thermostats for each room or zone in the house. Zone control can even help to cut your monthly bills as you won’t have to worry about heating or cooling unoccupied spaces.

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