The Cracked Heater Exchanger in the Furnace: It MUST Be Fixed!

Monday, January 14th, 2019

An example of corrosion creating pinhole leaks in the heat exchanger.

Hi folks. I must go into the full “Serious Olive” mode. The “No Fun” Olive. Because what I’m going to talk about today is serious and no fun. It’s an important furnace safety issue that everyone here at Russell & Abbott needs our customers and potential customers to know about. It’s the cracked heat exchanger in the gas furnace. Since most homes in the area rely on gas furnaces for comfort during the winter, this is advice many people need to hear—because a cracked heat exchanger is an issue that must be fixed as soon as it’s found, or else it can lead to illness and even death in your household!

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Let’s Talk Gas Furnace Safety: Combustion Analysis

Monday, November 5th, 2018

furnace-oldI have plenty of important roles as the HVAC blogger dog for Russell & Abbott and the community we serve. I keep people informed about ways to save energy with their air conditioning systems, how to improve their heating during the winter, ways to boost their air quality. I even occasionally offer advice about pets—hey, it’s the least I can do for my furry brothers and sisters!

But there’s no HVAC blogging job that’s more important to me, or a subject more important to our Russell & Abbott team than SAFETY. We want all of our customers to have HVAC systems that keep them safe as well as comfortable. That’s why we make combustion analysis an essential part of our service for furnaces.

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How to Know You Need Repairs for Your Gas Furnace

Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

Last week was my focus on safety post. Gas furnace safety is something that’s always on my mind. That’s not because gas furnaces are normally dangerous. But they do have the potential to become dangerous if people don’t remember to keep them regularly maintained and always call for our professionals when it’s time for repairs. Doing combustion analysis is only one part of the ways that our team works hard to make sure that the gas furnace in your house keeps your family warm and safe.

I’d like to focus on that whole “call for repairs” thing. If a furnace simply stops working, you’ll know it’s time to call someone to repair it. You don’t need a dog with a blog to tell you that! But there are other indications that a gas furnace is having trouble that people often ignore, hoping it will somehow just “take care of itself.” It won’t.

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