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“But Did You Know?” The Most Common Furnace Problem!

January 16th, 2018

question-mark-badgeHere’s a little quiz I came up with to test your furnace knowledge. (Don’t worry, I’m not actually going to grade this! Even if you get it wrong, you’ll learn something important.)

What is the most common trouble furnaces have during the winter?

  1. Children tampering with the thermostat
  2. Cats tampering with the thermostat
  3. Accidentally setting the thermostat to Celsius rather than Fahrenheit
  4. Lack of maintenance

Ready with your answer?

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Wow, My Furnace Is Noisy! Is That a Problem?

January 2nd, 2018

woman-shocked-by-loud-noise“A sound so high-pitched, only dogs can hear it.” You’ve probably heard this phrase before, and it’s true that we dogs have a much better sense of hearing than humans. We can hear four times as far as you and hear high-pitched sounds between a range of 67,000 to 45,000 Hz. By comparison, you humans can hear in the range of 64,000 to 23,000 Hz. We also have a bunch of extra ear muscles so we can track sound direction.

But despite all our great hearing, we can’t actually tell you about noise problems in your furnace. It’s something you’ll have to figure out yourself. When your furnace begins to make odd noises that are a racket to your less sensitive human ears, you’ll probably wonder if you’ve got trouble that needs professional furnace repair in Knoxville, TN.

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There Are No “Guesstimates” When We Do a Heat Load Calculation!

December 19th, 2017

checkmark-green“How powerful a heater should I get?” That’s a question HVAC professionals, and HVAC professional dogs, hear often. The answer you should expect is, “I don’t know right now—but I can find out!” There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to home heating systems (true for air conditioners as well), and it’s extremely important to take extra time to ensure a home receives a correctly sized heater. Not too big, not too small.

When it comes to tonnage (that’s an HVAC term for the amount of heat a system puts out, not how much it weighs), you’ll need to have a professional determine it for you by doing a heat load calculation. I don’t mean to brag—okay, maybe a little bit—but our Russell & Abbott team does great, thorough heat load calculations. No shortcuts, and no “guesstimates”!

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Let It Snow! Get Free HVAC Equipment if It Snows on Christmas

December 6th, 2017

Let_it_Snow_Webslider_v2_002_I know you’re probably super busy right now with the holiday season well underway, so you may have missed our major announcement about our “Let It Snow!” HVAC deal. It breaks down like this:

If it snows on Christmas, you get free HVAC equipment!

I’m not putting you on! I pride myself as an HVAC expert dog on providing only the most accurate information.

Here are the details of how it works: If you purchase new HVAC equipment from us between now and 12/20/17, and then it snows at least two inches on Christmas Day (measured from the McGhee Tyson Airport), then the equipment you purchased is FREE! To participate, you must be a legal resident of Tennessee and 18 years or older. All you need to do is purchase a qualifying heating or cooling system from us before or on December 20, 2017.

Why would we do something like this? Because it’s a great way to celebrate the season of giving. We love our customers, and we want to give them something great during the holiday season.

Even if you think your current heating system is in good shape, maybe you want to take the time to put in a new air conditioner to get ready for next year. If so, now’s the best time to do it! And if you have any reason to think your heater is due for an upgrade, act now and you may end up paying nothing for it! You can celebrate by playing outside in the snow on Christmas Day, then come back into your house knowing that the heat greeting you is coming from a brand-new furnace that’s now FREE.

Contact us to find out more details—and, of course, to purchase your new HVAC equipment!

Stay warm (but hope for snow!)


Russell & Abbott provides air conditioning, heating, indoor air quality and commercial HVAC services for Maryville, Knoxville, Alcoa, Blount County, Knox County and Loudon County.

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Olive’s 5 Signs You May Already Need Heating Repairs

November 21st, 2017

Dog's ear flapping on heating and air ventIt’s not too cold yet—at least not compared to what we’re going to get in the near future—and I know that you’ve turned on your home’s heating system a few times to make sure everybody is cozy and warm. Your furry pets may not need it (my thick black coat is comfort rated to 30°F), but unless you want to bundle up in a many heavy layers of clothes, you’ll need to have your furnace or other heating system giving you some level of heat.

Now, if you’ve been following my blog, you’ve read about my recommendations on scheduling heating maintenance during the fall. In fact, I started reminding you about this at the end of summer: it’s that important. If you haven’t done it, it’s still not too late! We haven’t hit the Big Cold yet, so make sure you’ve got the best Big Heat before it does.

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If It Snows on Christmas, You Get Free HVAC Equipment!

November 10th, 2017

Okay, you think I’m putting you on, right? “Olive, we trust you with accurate information! How can we believe that you’ll give us free HVAC equipment just because it snows on Christmas?”

Well, first of all, I won’t be giving you the equipment. I let the humans with opposable thumbs and tools do all that! And second of all – you read that right. If you purchase new HVAC equipment from us between 11/10/17 and 12/20/17 and it snows two inches on Christmas Day (that’s according to the measurement at McGhee Tyson Airport), your purchase is FREE.

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Thanksgiving Foods Are Dangerous to Pets

November 7th, 2017

fall-cornucopiaGetting out all those harvest decorations and making those plans for a big Thanksgiving Day feast? That’s great! And, and leftover Halloween candy? Never share it with your pets because it’s potentially harmful to them. And that’s my not-at-all-clumsy transition to talking about Thanksgiving Day food and your pets—because this food is often dangerous to animals and many people aren’t aware of it! Your pets may come begging for some of that delicious food you and your family and friends are eating, but many of those food items aren’t safe for them.

(Dear all dogs, cats, and other household animals who may be reading this: No, I’m not spoiling your fun by telling humans to avoid giving you all those tasty treats you can smell on the dinner table. This is truly for your health and safety.)

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Olive’s Halloween Safety for Pets

October 24th, 2017

olive-pumpkinI love Halloween! It’s true that I’m not a black cat, I’m a black dog, and maybe that doesn’t seem as spooky for the season. But I’ve discovered that over in England, “black dogs” are famous types of ghosts who haunt creepy crossroads and crumbling castles, and they have neat names like “Padfoot” and “Barghest.” Arthur Conan Doyle used these black dog legends for his Sherlock Holmes novel The Hound of the Baskervilles, and…

Okay, I’m getting off topic. The point is, I love Halloween and so do a lot of pets. But … you need to make sure your furry family members stay safe during this time of year, because there are some potential hazards. And they don’t include spectral ghost dogs. I’ve taken some tips from Pet MD and the ASPCA for Halloween Pet Safety:

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Repair the Old AC? Or Replace It? Olive Has Opinions!

October 10th, 2017

ac-unit-repair-with-technicianOf course, I always have opinions! But there is one ongoing Big Question of the HVAC world, “should I continue to repair [a piece of HVAC equipment] or have it replaced with a new unit?” When it comes to whether to repair or replace an air conditioning system, I have plenty of opinions. I don’t have an answer, at least not a specific answer for your situation. Every home is different: they have different layouts, different levels of insulation, different numbers of people in them, people with different comfort requirements, different levels of air conditioning use. Some have a dog. Some have more than one dog. Some have cats for reasons I can’t figure out… but I’m getting off track.

The point is, the best way to get a solid answer to the question, “Repair or replace my air conditioner?” is to call experts. We’ll take a look at your AC and see if we can repair it so it gives you a few more years of useful and energy-efficient service. If we think it’s more cost-effective to replace the system, we’ll arrange for that as well.

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Check Out the Onyx 10-10-10 Warranty Available at Russell & Abbott

September 26th, 2017

onyx_logoWhat are your favorite fall activities? Mine should probably be no surprise… I like to run about outside and charge into enormous piles of leaves on the ground! With my nice thick black coat, it’s never too cold during the fall for me—it’s actually more comfortable than in the summer, when I have to do a lot of panting to cool down.

Now, as you’re listing out your favorite things to do in fall, check to see if get a new HVAC system is on there. It’s not? If that’s because your current system is still young and working fine, great! But if you know you need to have new heating and cooling installed this fall, but you just don’t feel like doing it, I’ve got a great offer for you that may change your mind: The Onyx 10-10-10 Warranty, which you can get through Russell & Abbott.

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