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The Cool Difference a Ductless AC Can Make

June 19th, 2017

ductless-mini-split-remote-controlAh, June. The time of year when thoughts of spring turn to thoughts of Oh wow it’s too hot and I think I need a better air conditioning system! Or maybe you’re only looking to improve your current AC, get rid of hot spots, adapt to renovations, etc. Whatever the case, the system that might be ideal for you is a ductless system.

Ductless cooling and heating has been around for a while, but it wasn’t until recently it started to enter homes in a big way. If you’re looking to make some cool changes to your house or business, I definitely give my paw print of approval to checking out going ductless.

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Four Steps to Stay Chill This Summer

June 6th, 2017

I took this photo, so I got a neighbor dog, Cranston, to pose for me. I didn’t tell him I was going to turn the fan up THAT high!

The day I wrote this, the temperature outside here in Maryville was  79°F–pleasant by almost anyone’s standards. Okay, it feels much hotter to me, but keep in mind that I’m dog wearing a permanent fur coat. A black permanent fur coat. But for the rest of you, it might be necessary to run your air conditioner a bit, but you shouldn’t need it too much.

But … those blistering hot summer days are coming up, and when they set in, your air conditioner is going to work at its hardest, no matter how wise you are with your thermostat. You can expect higher utility bills to come along with those scorching days. Below I’ve listed four steps for homeowners to take to stay chill this summer, while also helping with energy costs.

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What You Should Know before You Buy a Wireless Thermostat

May 23rd, 2017

thermostat-operationHere’s something important I’ve learned in my years as an HVAC dog (aside from which couch in the office is best for napping): HVAC work is about the big picture but also about the tiniest details. A technician needs to know how powerful an air conditioner or heater needs to be to provide proper comfort (Big Picture) but also have a grasp on how much a thermostat model can make to system performance (the details).

Admittedly, a thermostat isn’t a “detail.” It’s essential to communicating to the HVAC system. But we’ve often discovered customers looking at the thermostat as a cool doodad or gizmo and they want the fanciest one because it will do the best job. However, it doesn’t work that way. There are some important things to understand before purchasing a wireless thermostat for your heating and air conditioning system in Maryville, TN.

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Buyer Beware: Low-Cost Services Are Often Bait-and-Switch!

May 8th, 2017

service_blue_markerI’m a bit spoiled when it comes to my food. I only receive breeder-recommended dog food that comes from pet stores. It’s not that I’m a snob about dog food (although wouldn’t it be okay if I were?). It’s that the healthiest dog food comes from specialty pet stores and not from the supermarket shelves. Yes, the food at the supermarket is less expensive… but there’s a reason for that. Most of this inexpensive food contains filler with less meat and less protein. You get what you pay for when it comes to food for your pets, and don’t your pets deserve nutrition that keeps them healthy and ensure they have long lives?

This applies to HVAC companies. No, you can’t get HVAC contractors at the grocery store (I’m not even sure what aisle that would be). But during the spring, many homeowners are swamped with offers for home improvements that might sound like great deals—but are often basically the equivalent of low-cost pet food.

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Spring Cleaning Starts with Your Air Conditioning System

April 25th, 2017

air-conditioner-on-leavesI recently revealed one of the big dirty secrets of air conditioning problems: DIRT. Yes, that truly is a dirty secret. This is why spring cleaning should include—well, really should begin—with taking care of your air conditioner. You’re going to be using your home’s AC plenty during the coming months, and it’s a serious problem if the air conditioner heads into the summer heat without proper care.

You’ll need our assistance with your air conditioner in Alcoa, TN for the best performance this spring and summer, but let’s take a look at what you can check with your AC before the major heat strikes.

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Furnace Noises that Should Disturb You

April 11th, 2017

Yes, you humans jump at loud noises too!

Like almost all dogs (and cats as well), I suffer from a condition called brontophobia.  No, it’s not a fear of Brontosauruses—although it does come from the same Greek root word meaning “thunder.” Betcha didn’t expect Ol’ Olive here to be up on her classical language, right? Well, as I like to say, Amicus hominis canis! Which means a dog is a man’s best friend, and I’m sorry but I couldn’t find anything better with an Internet search.

Anyway, the point is brontophobia means “fear of loud noises.” It’s an important defense from danger if you’re a dog or a cat. But it works for you humans as well! And it especially works when it comes to a home furnace. Noises from a furnace you don’t expect to hear are often warnings the heating system isn’t working the way it should and need repairs. So without further ado, here is my list of furnace noises you don’t want to hear!

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Olive Reveals the Dark and Dirty Secret about Your Home Comfort System

April 3rd, 2017

A lot of folks in my industry don’t really want to talk about the #1 Reason for system failure.  But let me give you a hint:  when I say it’s a “dark and dirty” secret, I do mean dirty!  And trust me, dogs know dirty!

That’s right.  It’s not age. Or brand. Or weather hazards. Or constant adjustments of the thermostat.  Nope.  The #1 Reason for system failure is dirt.

When you think about it, it should be no surprise why this reason isn’t exactly well-known among dog owners, ahem–homeowners.  The fact is, a new system costs thousands of dollars. Yet regular maintenance to prevent system failure is just pennies on the dollar. Get the picture?

So that’s why Russell & Abbott Heating and Cooling is making a strong effort to let this secret out of the bag. 

At Russell & Abbott, we feel it is our ethical duty to show you how to: A) Save money, B) Save time and C) Save you hassle and headaches.  And you can help us help you by clicking to schedule our 21-Point “Energy Saver” Tune-Up.   Here’s why…

  • Your system gets fully cleaned, adjusted and reset to factory spec. It’s the same principle as servicing your car on a regular basis or in getting regular vet check-ups for us furry family   It keeps us running in tip-top shape and helps you pinpoint any trouble spots.

Doggone it! What are you waiting on? We have a wonderful offer, but it won’t be around long! Here are just some of the things you’ll receive:

  • You’ll get a carbon monoxide test on your system. This is an odorless gas that puts families in real risk if not detected. (a priceless value that typically costs $97.)
  • A full tune-up. (a $99 value.)
  • Chemical cleaning of indoor and outdoor coils. (a $279 value.)
  • Repair-Free Guarantee. If you need any repairs over the next 90 days after your tune-up, we’ll refund every single penny of the tune-up’s cost!
  • 100% Return on Investment Guaranteed. Save your tune-up cost in energy usage over the next 90 days (compared to the same period last year), or we’ll pay you the difference.

With all the other extras we throw in, your full service tune-up is a $473.00 value – that we’re offering right now for just $97. This special offer expires on May 5, so hurry!

Now that the secret’s out, take the logical step in true home comfort. Do it now before the hot season makes your system work even harder.

Just fill out this form online, email us at info@cleanaircomfort.com or give us a call at (865) 982-5133. It really is that simple!


Stay comfortable,


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Spring Has Sprung: What You Need to Know about Allergies and Air Filters

March 27th, 2017

pleated-air-filterIt’s spring time! We have officially moved from the winter to the spring. The temperatures may not reflect it all the time, but we’re on the upward slope toward warmer weather.

And we’re also in allergy season. Sorry, but there is a downside to spring arriving! As plants start to bloom with the warmer temperatures, the pollen count in the air rises—and this is bad news for people who suffer from allergies. And with the unseasonably warm temperatures we’ve experienced recently, a lot of blossoms are already putting pollen into the East Tennessee air.

I know quite a bit about allergies because there are people who are allergic to me. Spring allergies are a bit different than dog-dander allergies, but the effect on people is similar: wheezing, congestion, eye and nose irritation, headaches, and generally feeling “icky” (a medical term I looked up). And making it worse is that we live in the allergy capital of the South! That’s not something you’ll find on the town website, but it’s true.

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Daylight Saving Time: Should We Keep It Around?

March 14th, 2017

wall-clock-clippingAs you know, Daylight Saving Time (DST) has just started. If you have a dog, you’ll know right away everything has changed, because your pooch will want to go outside at a different time of day. Of course, it’s only a different time of day according to the clock: your dog tells time with light. Your body does as well, which is why everything feels a bit “off” for a few days. It’s like jet lag except you aren’t going on a fun vacation.

DST is something everyone accepted for decades as “the way things are.” Now the idea of ditching this spring shift in clocks is gaining popularity. I’ve done my research on this and would like to share with you why Daylight Saving Time exists in the first place, and why it might be time to toss it aside like a chew toy long past its usefulness.

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Why You Should Keep Your Outside Heat Pump Clear in Winter

February 28th, 2017

winter-weather-illustrationIt’s almost March—but keep in mind that most of March is still officially winter, and our weather often acts just like it. March has a notorious way of walking in through the front door all full of smiles, only the try to try to exit the house by battering down the back walls! I know, I’ve seen it happen: I work as an HVAC dog, and know exactly when the expert team here at Russell & Abbott gets busy during the year. March can get hectic with calls to fix broken heating systems.

(I should bring this up when I’m on the topic: even with spring just around the corner, never ignore a repair issue with your heater! Having the heater fixed right away helps ensure the problem doesn’t worsen, create a health hazard, or put you at risk of a heating system that won’t work at all the next time you really need it.)

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